FLEX: practice-based CPD

FLEX pathways for the PGCLTHE/PGCHE/MAHE

The FLEX unit is available as either a 15 or 30 credit unit. The 15 credit version requires engagement with and reflection on 3 activities, the 30 credit version involves 5 activities. A minimum of 15 hours of CPD is expected for the 15 credit unit, and 30 hours for the 30 credit unit. (Overall study hours are 150 for the 15 credit unit and 300 for the 30 credit FLEX unit.) You will also be supported by a tutor.

This unit provides participants with a very flexible, practice-based approach to teaching practice enhancement.

You will be assessed on an academic portfolio in digital format where will record and critically reflect on your FLEX activities. The portfolio will enable you to put your CPD FLEX plan together, reflect regularly and critically on your practice, capture your development and achievements as well as connect with other practitioners and encourage conversation and scholarship about your work.

Normally any FLEX unit registration lasts one academic year, unless otherwise stated. Registration for the FLEX unit is open all year round.

Informal FLEX pathway

You can also engage with FLEX without credit for informal CPD, or as part of the PDR process.

The key benefit of joining the informal pathway is to engage in conversations about your practice and at the same time to build a record of professional development which will help you progress your career. See 'Portfolios' and 'What activities can I do' below for further information.


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