UTA Faculty Links

Each member of academic staff in UTA has a particular link with one faculty, or part of a faculty.

This role involves involvement with Programme Enhancement & Approval Review (PEAR),  membership of the Faculty Student Experience Committee (FSEC) and the provision of information and guidance on a range of topics related to programme development and continuing professional development for academic staff, including taught courses and the Professional Standards Framework. Current responsibilities are as shown below.

If you have a query about a particular topic such as the Good Practice Exchange, Global Citizenship or Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, for instance, you may want to see the full range of UTA staff roles to make a more specific contact.


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Arts and Humanities

Humanities, Languages & Social Science

Chris Little

Manchester School of Art and
Manchester Fashion Institute, School of Digital Arts (SODA)

Chrissi Nerantzi

Business and Law

Accounting, Finance and Banking (AFB), Marketing, Retail and Tourism (MRT), Economics, Policy and international Business (EPIB) and Strategy, Enterprise and Sustainability (SES)

Linda Matthews

Operations, Technology, Events and Hospitality Management (OTEHM), People and Performance, Law School

Stephanie Aldred


Orlagh McCabe

Health, Psychology & Social Care

Rachel Forsyth

Science & Engineering

Stephen Powell