Programme Management Plans


Assessment plan

Programme Leaders need to have an overview of what is happening with assessment on the programme. We recommend the production of an assessment management plan which is updated annually following assessment boards.

Assessment Management Plan

Personal Tutoring plan

Learning and Teaching Principle 4 sets out the context and principles for this. It is expected that programme teams will decide what will work best in their context and this can be recorded in a personal tutoring management plan. The programme leader needs to ensure that everyone knows about the scheme and review it at least annually.

Personal Tutoring Management Plan

Technology Enhanced Learning plan

A Technology-enhanced learning plan sets out the purpose and value of technology in relation to the programme and its role in preparing students for assessment and future employment. It will help to identify staff development and support needs as well as providing information for programme review.

Technology Enhanced Learning Management Plan

Induction plan

The induction plan covers the purpose of pre-entry, induction and transition activities in the context of the programme and how the activities will be evaluated and allocates roles and responsibilities for implementation.

Induction Management Plan