Guidance for Unit Leaders


These guidance pages provide a very general overview of unit leadership at MMU, covering overall institutional expectations. Different programmes will delegate different responsibilities to unit leaders, so you'll need to work with your programme or subject leader to complete the picture.

Essentials for new unit leaders

Get to know your programme leader (and subject leader and year leader if appropriate). Find out what the programme leader expects from the team, particularly in terms of programme management, attendance at programme team meetings, and how your unit fits in to the overall programme. 

Get to know your Student and Programme Management, Education Management and Faculty Planning and Strategic Support teams to find out what they need to know from you, and when, and what support you can expect at different times of the year. Check with the Programme Management team that you have been identified as the unit leader in the student records system, as this will ensure that you have appropriate access to to Moodle, Coursework Receipting, the Continuous Monitoring and Improvement dashboard, Timetabling, and Student Records.

Make sure that you have a copy of the unit specification and any previous versions of the unit handbook.

If you’re taking over an existing unit, log into the university Continuous Monitoring and Improvement dashboard (MMU login required) and find out more about the students on the unit and what’s happened on the unit previously.