Assessment Issues: marking to the full range

2. Marking to the Full Range: Developing marking criteria

MMU has a set of Standard Descriptors for marking. There is a set for each level, and they have been split into seven bands for each level, to facilitate the use of a full range of marks.

The Standard Descriptors and information about using them can be found on the Centre for Academic Standards and Quality Enhancement website.

The Descriptors are intended to help with writing marking criteria. They will need to be interpreted for the disciplinary context and to reflect the nature of the assignment task.

More information about using the descriptors can be found in this screencast.

Marking schemes

Note that these descriptors are not needed for assignments which use a marking scheme or for multiple-choice or short answer type quizzes. In these types of assignment the final mark is determined by adding up the number of correct parts of the assignment.


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