Assessment Lifecycle

4. Submitting

Assignment submissions will obviously depend on the type of assignment task. More specific guidance is provided in the information for each type, but here are some general points:

  1. Paper submissions: These are usually placed in submission boxes on each campus. Guidance for students and staff can be found on the coursework receipting website. Dates are collected annually as part of the Data Collection Exercise. All students registered on the unit would normally submit the assignment on the same date, unless their Personal Learning Plan allows for a different arrangement or they have agreed Exceptional Factors.
  2. Electronic submissions: These should always be submitted through Moodle. Guidance on setting up different kinds of assessment in Moodle can be found in the Staff Resource Area (usual Moodle log in required).
    Jisc Electronic Management of Assessment Report – with MMU Exemplar
  3. Computer-marked tests: An independent test should be carried out to check that computer-based marking is correctly set up and that it is possible to achieve a full range of marks. A record of the test should be made on an internal moderation form and sent to the Programmes Office. There is no need for further moderation following the test. Computer-based marking of summative work should only be used on an institutionally supported system (currently Moodle). Contact your Faculty eLearning Support Officer if you need specific guidance. Guidance on setting up computer-marked tests in Moodle can be found in the Staff Resource Area (usual Moodle log in required).
  4. Ephemeral assignment tasks: tasks for which no permanent record of student performance is likely to be practicably kept, such as presentations, performances, practical examinations, laboratory work, debates, moots, practice observations, or oral examinations. Dates are likely to be staggered over a period of time - when submitting a date for a task to the Data Collection Exercise, use the last likely date of the period. Students should be told at the beginning of the year, if possible, when their individual assessment will take place.
What Unit leaders need to do
  • Ensure that students have adequate information about submission arrangements
What Programme Leaders need to do
  • Monitor submissions over the year; consider the number of Exceptional Factors claims and academic appeals to ensure that submission arrangements are fair and accessible