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Assessment in Higher Education

The unit looks at the relationships between learning, teaching and assessment and the design of appropriate assessment tasks. This is set against the wider context of national, institutional and departmental strategies and the need to situate assessment activity in the whole programme.

Unit Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit participants will be able to:

  1. Critically analyse existing practice in marking and feedback for a selected unit or programme of study in Higher Education
  2. Evaluate the importance of a range of factors which influence assessment for learning in Higher Education, such as student involvement in assessment, ethical practice, employability, internationalisation and the use of technology to support learning
  3. Design appropriate assessment tasks which will support learning in a selected unit of study in Higher Education
  4. Design an assessment strategy for a selected unit or programme of study in Higher Education which is inclusive, rigorous and focused on achievement of the programme learning outcomes


The unit will aim to give participants an opportunity to make a deeper study of assessment in the context of their own professional practice and to make recommendations for change in assessment strategies for their units and programmes.
The unit will cover:

  • A review of participants’ previous experience and study of assessment
  • Inclusive assessment practice
  • The Assessment Lifecycle and its management and  administration
  • Involving students in assessment: rationale and practice
  • Constructive alignment: designing assessment tasks to effectively measure learning outcomes at all taught levels in HE
  • The importance of feedback in the learning process and techniques for giving and managing feedback effectively
  • The management of assessment within an institutional or departmental policy such as the MMU Institutional Code of Practice on Assessment and with reference to the QAA Quality Code
  • The importance of good assessment design in promoting ethical behaviour
  • Designing assessment to support institutional priorities

Unit Assessment

Formative Assessment:
Progress towards the summative assessment tasks is staged, with participants being expected to complete regular relevant activities for which they will receive rapid feedback. Examples of such activities include an analysis of the alignment of learning outcomes and assignment tasks for a given unit of study, or of a type of assignment task which is novel to the participant.

Summative Assignment Task:
The assignment task is to present an assessment strategy for a unit or programme of study in Higher Education, explaining the rationale with reference to a critical review of an existing strategy and to relevant recent literature about learning and assessment in HE. The exact format of the presentation will be negotiated with the unit leader. For guidance, it might consist of a combination of a 10 minute oral presentation, video or audio presentation, a web resource for colleagues, a set of completed forms for a quality committee, or an A2 poster, supported by a 1500 word review of an existing unit or programme assessment strategy; or it could be a traditional written report (guide length 2500 words).



For more information contact the Unit Leaders Rachel Forsyth and Rod Cullen

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In brief


  • You will be able to review existing assessment practice in HE, and make evidence-informed decisions about your future assessment practice
  • A chance to debunk some common myths about assessment in HE
  • Introduction to scholarly activity around assessment and feedback in HE
  • Focus on an aspect of your own interest (eg group work, peer assessment, online assessment)

Mode of study: F2F or online, depending on instance

Number of sessions: F2F 4, Online 6

Type of session: workshop

Assessment type and size:
A review of an assignment, in a negotiated format - 2500 words if written, but other formats are acceptable

Prior knowledge/experience required: Experience of marking and giving feedback in a HE context. Suitable for existing or prospective unit leaders.

When will it run: Summer term online

Unit leader/contact: Rachel Forsyth, Rod Cullen

Delivery Dates and Registration

Please note: Units are delivered online. Processing time required for applications and preparation time for participants means that the last registration date cannot be extended

Summer 2022

Online sessions begin:
Monday 25th April

1:00pm - 02:00pm

Venue: online


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Assessment in Higher Education

Taught sessions on Monday 1-2pm

25 April 2022 Session 1 (Welcome Webinar) online
2 May Session 2 online
9 May Session 3 online
16 May Session 4 online
23 May Session 5 online
30 May Session 6 online
12 Sept 2022 Final Submission Deadline Moodle


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