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Research Degree Supervision and Examination

This unit covers the role of the research student supervisor and the examiner, the regulations governing research degrees at MMU and the research student experience, contextualised in the relevant literature. It is strongly recommended to participants who are either already supervising research degree students or who are new to supervision. Completion of this 15-credit unit will allow favourable consideration of participants to join supervisory teams, including as Director of Studies, in line with sections 7.2 and 7.3 of the Institutional Code of Practice for Research Degrees.

Unit Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this Course Unit students will be able to:

  1. Critically examine the external influences and drivers which shape the context of research degrees supervision in the UK.
  2. Explore the role of the supervisor within the research degree process in the light of the research degree supervision literature
  3. Evaluate skills development frameworks for research students’ employability
  4. Discuss the role of the examiner and the examination process in relation to research degrees in Higher Education.


Participants will have the opportunity to explore and critically evaluate:

  1. The contemporary literature and scholarship on research student support and supervision;
  2. The structure, policies and procedures that govern postgraduate research degrees within the University;
  3. Pedagogies for supervision and best practice in the supervisory process to enhance the student experience;
  4. Employability and the acquisition of transferable skills through the  postgraduate research process;
  5. The contemporary external environment particularly HEFCE completion rates, the QAA Quality Code: Chapter B11 and Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework;
  6. The role of the examiner and good practice in the assessment of research degrees.

Unit Assessment

A reflective account (or negotiated equivalent) that responds to the learning outcomes incorporating both the participant’s own experience and academic literature/other information sources (2,500 words or equivalent).


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In brief


  • Gain a better understanding of doctoral supervision at MMU
  • Consideration of good practice in doctoral supervision
  • Completion of this unit features as a consideration when doctoral teams are being considered

Mode of study: online

Number of sessions:5

Type of session: workshop

Assessment type and size:
2500 word written reflection

Prior knowledge/experience required: None. Usually staff taking this unit would have a doctorate.

When will it run: every term

Unit leader/contact: UTA CPD team

Delivery Dates and Registration

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Summer 2022

Online sessions begin:
Friday 29th April

9:30am - 12:30pm

Venue: online


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Taught sessions on Friday 9.30-12.30

29 April 2022 Session 1 online
6 May Session 2 online
13 May Session 3 online
20 May Session 4 online
27 May Session 5 online
12 Sept 2022 Final Submission Deadline Moodle


Timetables for currently running units:


Taught sessions began: Thursday 30th September 2021, 9:30am

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Taught sessions on Thursday 9.30-12.30

30 Sept 2021 Session 1 online
7 Oct Session 2 online
14 Oct Session 3 online
21 Oct Session 4 online
28 Oct Session 5 online
10 Jan 2022 Final Submission Deadline Moodle


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