Education for Sustainable Development (ESD),
Global Citizenship, and Curriculum Development



Programme teams should review their curricula for opportunities to include new elements, or foreground existing elements, that allow students to develop as critical global citizens – including their ethical, social, and environmental awareness of global and collective wellbeing. This may also involve finding ways of linking international partnerships, research and other international activity more explicitly back into the curriculum so that staff 'global capital' is shared with students.

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You can see some examples from the curriculum review tool above. If you have any suggestions for adaptation or inclusion, please contact us!


There are various ways in which ESD and Global Citizenship are conceptualised, understood and communicated. Use the links on the right to explore these concepts and how they articulate with each other and ask what this means for curriculum development at MMU. An excellent summary of some of the recent thinking around these related concepts can be found here: The Elusive Concept of Internationalisation of the Curriculum by Valerie Clifford.