Student Induction and Transition

For additional information for Manchester Met staff on Induction 2020: Recommendations for Programme Teams, please see the UTA intranet pages


This page provides useful resources and guidance for the academic elements of the student journey into HE and is the basis for securing ongoing progression, retention and success for your students.

Successful programmes were able to help students adapt to being successful learner in HE and were able to create an environment in which students felt known, valued and part of a community.”

The Here Project Toolkit

Transition to university involves a student in a range of experiences, some course-related, but many ‘life-related’ such as living independently, getting on with other people, forming new relationships, managing finances and coping with freedom to find a work-life balance that works at this stage of their lives. As far as learning and teaching goes, induction should help students feel that they belong to a new community where learning about their course is a significant part of how they spend their time.

Academic Induction

The university has a welcome page for all new and returning students as well as a separate page for international students.

All offer holders (new) and returning students are encouraged to engage with the process of induction. They receive information on how to enrol, personalised induction timetables, what support is available and how to make the most of their term start via the Manchester Met Welcome website. Programmes are thus required to contact their students at the beginning of each academic year and to provide a welcome message – the start of year programme level communication.

Staff planning academic induction can consult the Programme Management Plan for Induction.

International Welcome happens over two days during the week before the faculty academic inductions occur.
Students from nations outside the EU are invited to attend pre-enrolment when they arrive on campus. This is a whole university welcome for these students and includes advice on safety, finance, police registration, visas as well as sport, wellbeing and chaplaincy, all wrapped in a welcoming occasion.

Other Resources

MMU Programme Management Plan: Induction and Transition

Student Transition Map: this map from the QAA Scotland Enhancement themes has collected relevant resources collected from across the sector.

The Same but Different - a set of workshop resources to use with people who teach or welcome first year students, developed as a result of research with Manchester Met students.

Presentations from HEPI Annual Conference 2016: The Student Journey - from teenage to middle-age: