Manchester Metropolitan’s Education Strategy

Strategic Overview

The Education Strategy draws on the Strategy for Learning, Teaching and Assessment (SLTA), developed and launched in 2014 in partnership with our Student Union, which articulated the six core principles behind our education mission. These principles remain at the core of this education strategy.

  1. We will provide an excellent learning environment and outstanding student experience.
  2. Manchester Metropolitan provides an innovative, flexible, enterprising and internationalised curriculum.
  3. Assessment at Manchester Metropolitan is an integrated and integral part of learning and teaching.
  4. Student progression, confidence and success is achieved through outstanding personalized and individual support.
  5. Programmes are responsive to quality enhancement procedures throughout the student lifecycle.
  6. Staff are lifelong learners, fully engaged with their own professional development.

Our education strategy seeks to embed these principles within review and enhancement processes to ensure that they are effectively implemented throughout the university and that academic leadership is empowered to deploy these core principles throughout all our programmes. [Educ. Strategy 1.6]

Using the Principles

The Principles, and the standards that support them, incorporate both strategic design and operational requirements, and are the framework used on a regular basis to reflect upon and review the quality of learning, teaching and assessment in faculties, departments and programmes.

The Principles and Standards are the subject of regular review and professional discussion through all enhancement activity:

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement cycles:

  • Annual Education Reviews
  • Section C of the Programme Specification - Programme Management Plans
  • Faculty / Department Education Action Planning

Programme teams should use the LTA Confidence Grid to assess how well the Principles and Standards are reflected in their programme design and delivery and feed enhancements into the Continuous Monitoring and Improvement Planning cycle.

Download the Grid here.