The MMU Education Strategy and Principles for Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Principle 5: Programmes are responsive to evaluation and quality enhancement procedures throughout the student lifecycle


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5.1 An ethos of continuous monitoring of courses for quality enhancement.  click to expand

Implementation of the SLTA will be demonstrated primarily through Programme and Unit specifications, which are monitored through the Continuous Monitoring and Improvement process, and reviewed periodically under the supervision of the Centre for Academic Standards and Quality Enhancement.   The University Teaching Academy provides support for implementation of this ICP.

The Continuous Monitoring and Improvement process is an important component in the University's quality assurance and enhancement procedures. It aims to support the maintenance of standards, to assure the consistency of learning opportunities and to enhance the quality of the learning experience for students by continually reviewing provision, identifying areas for improvement and taking appropriate and timely actions. The process focuses on objective, core data to inform senior managers, academic teams and other internal and external stakeholders of the health of units and courses across the University.

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement applies to all taught courses of study offered by MMU whether they are delivered on-site or through collaborative partner organisations.

5.2 Timely and effective response to areas for improvement.  click to expand

Targeted Programme Improvement

Programmes identified as needing some support through the TPI initiative should ensure time is made available to teams to reflect on the programme.

5.3 A culture of partnership in learning and teaching that ensures the student voice is integral to quality enhancement..  click to expand

Student Evaluation and Engagement

The Student Voice is an important element of monitoring and enhancement. Every programme must have a strategy to ensure students have opportunities to enhance and enrich their learning opportunities and contribute to course development through feedback and evaluation.

Programme teams should consider:

  • How informal evaluation and discussion is used to enhance learning and teaching
  • How they will provide opportunities for more formal / structured student feedback
  • make effective arrangements for evaluation of the student experience at unit and course / programme level.
  • How institutional data is used to inform learning and teaching
  • How course representatives are incorporated into the staff programme team
  • How the team reports back to students about their responses to student evaluation

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