The MMU Education Strategy and Principles for Learning, Teaching and Assessment

Principle 6: Staff are lifelong learners, fully engaged with their own professional development


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6.1 Promotion of qualifications that underpin high quality teaching, scholarship and research.  click to expand

Appointment of Academic Staff

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Academic integrity and ethical behaviour

The university has an academic ethical framework which requires that its staff and students engaged in scholarly and other activities are aware of the ethical implications of such activities and are committed to discharging their responsibilities to the University with integrity and in an open, honest and ethical manner conforming to the highest professional standards of conduct.

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Programme Teams should promote engagement with subject associations and professional, regulatory and statutory bodies to ensure the on-going development of their teaching staff, and the maintenance of high standards, currency and relevance in the design and delivery of their programmes.

6.2 Staff engaged in continuous academic and professional development and recognition.  click to expand

Heads of Department and Programme Leaders must

  • promote excellence in teaching and expect their teaching staff to engage in continuous professional development in academic practice and in their subject discipline
  • encourage their teams to gain professional recognition through MMU PSF / HEA Fellow status
  • consider effective ways to reward and recognise excellence in teaching and student support

UTA resource: Continuing Professional Development

6.3 Observation, evaluation and development of teaching and assessment practices with peers and managers.  click to expand

Heads of Department and Programme Leaders must

  • Monitor the implementation of, and a level of engagement with, the Peer Support and Observation  schemes in liaison with HoDs;
  • Use the outcomes of professional activities to reflect upon and review their programmes.

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