Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

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MMU CELT Scholarship of teaching and learning research grant 2016/17

Project lead staff Project title

Amy Hanley

Manchester Architectural Papers (MAP)

Kim Heyes

SAI – Student Academic Innovations Journal

Christiane Hitzemann

Mock MSA Screen productions

Kirsten Jack

Using the arts to facilitate learning: The educator perspective

Ian Kay

Six of one and half a dozen of the other - an investigation of student attendance and the impact on teaching and learning

Damian Keil

A comparison of 3 methods for delivering assessment feedback: Written, audio and screencast

Rachel Kelly


Peter McKenna

A framework for converting collegial cultures of sharing experience into a pedagogic research culture

Victoria Morris

An evaluation of Slack as a tool to enhance learning collaborations

Deborah O'Connor

INSTEP – INternationalising STudent Education in Physiotherapy
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Leanne Rimmer

Embedding Community-Based Learning (CBL) within an Undergraduate Psychology Programme: A Pilot Study

Edda Sant-Obiols and Christopher Hanley

Global citizenship education - a live project

Lisa Simmons

E-portfolios for student professional development: An academic view

Paul Smith

Spare me the lecture - The use of classroom response systems to promote peer-to-peer instruction and active learning during large lecture theatres.

Juliette Wilson

An Analysis of Project-Based Learning: Generating Academic Understanding through Sustainable and Cross-Disciplinary Embedding within the University Curriculum